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Autumn vegetarian – my first cooking event!

Today I am a bit excited about my blog entry, because I want to contribute a recipe for the cooking event ‘Herbst vegetarisch‘ (Autumn vegetarian) which was initiated by Franzi of ‘Wo geht’s zum Gemüseregal‘. This event piqued my interest because I really like theme cooking and love the great amount of vegetables during fall.

I was thinking the whole week about autumn dishes and had hundrets a lot of recipes in mind. Then I tried to pick the vegetables which remind me most of autumn: pumpkin, onions, potatoes and chestnuts. I figured that I should cook a solid meal, which is a welcome change to the light summer dishes. Well, the most solid meal I can think of is a German stew. I found a recipe for an onion sauce a while ago and thought I could use the flavour for my dish:

Fall stew

150g onions

1 garlic glove

300g potatoes (waxy)

350g pumpkin (Hokkaido)

350g carrots

250g chestnuts (cooked)

1 tablespoon sunflower oil

100ml red wine

100ml vegetable stock

1/2 teaspoon caraway

1 tablespoon soy sauce

1 bay leaf

salt, pepper

1. Cut the onions into rings and roast them in the oil. Press the garlic into the pot and deglaze it with the red wine, soy sauce and vegetable stock. I used a Shiraz, but I guess it doesn’t really matter which one you use (at least if you aren’t an expert). Put the bay leaf and the caraway into the pot. Let it shimmer at low heat.

2. Clean the vegetables and cut them into palatable sizes. Pitch the potatoes into the pot and let them cook for 5 min. Then put the pumpkin, chestnuts and carrot pieces into it and let it shimmer at medium flame for about 15min with half-opened lid. I used cooked chestnuts in a vacuum package, but you can also use fresh ones. I guess you have to cook them before, because this would take longer.

3. When the vegetables are soft and the sauce is viscid you can flavour to taste with salt and pepper. Remember to remove the bay leave before you serve the stew!

I know the dish won’t win a prize for the look, even though I tried to make the best out of it with a bit of my beloved balsamico reduction :)