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Evil food…

Do you have food that you should never ever buy, because you can’t stop thinking about it, until it is eaten up? Well, in my case I have two huge weaknesses: pickels and nutella. This sounds like I am pregnant, but I can calm you: I don’t eat them together :) (I figuratively see my father heave a sigh)

I guess my passion for pickels is tolerable, because I count them as veggies and you can never eat too many veggies, right? But I can hardly allay my nutrient-conscience when I have a glas of nutella in the left and a spoon in the right hand…

I almost accepted the fact that I just can’t buy a glas of nutella, because eating 400g of chocolate in one go doesn’t fit together with my plan of becoming 113 years…But I guess you all know what happens if you forbid yourself something: It just becomes more appealing!

The only way out for me was to create something which tastes as good but has less calories and fat. And guess what: I was successful! I am not sure if this recipe can cure your nutella addiction (I just assume that there are more people with a nutella addiction out there!), but if not you still have a yummie spread that is made in a minute with only 2 ingredients:

Nutella light

50g nougat

50g cream cheese (light cream cheese works as well!)

Melt the nougat in the microwave (be careful not to burn it!). Stir the cream cheese in the liquid nougat. Put it in the fridge for 1h. Get a spoon. Feel a little less guilty.


(yes I put it on bread for the picture-rare occasion)

I also tried it with white chocolate and grated coconut which worked perfectly. I guess you can use every choclate you like.