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Comfort Pumpkin

When I wrote about last days of summer yesterday, I had no idea that fall would arrive so rashly.
In the morning I had to take care of several errands and got pretty wet. It was the kind of rain you decide not to use an umbrella -but soon your clothes get damp anyway! My body thanked me for this with a bladder infection (something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy!).

This is the reason for my dinner choice today-I really needed some comfort food to warm me up from the inside! And what is better for this undertaking as a spicy goulash? After looking through my all-time favourites I stumbled upon a pumpkin goulash on chefkoch (as you may already have guessed:one of my favourite cooking sites). Since I spend one year in Australia, pumpkin is my number one veggie. This dish is just the perfect choice for today! After adapting the recipe to the stock of my fridge you can see the result:

pumpkin goulash

~3 portions

1 tablespoon sunflower oil

1 large onion

1 garlic clove

50ml white balsamico

~400ml vegetable stock

3 tablespoons tomato paste

1 Hokkaido (about 1kg)

1 capsicum

1 teaspoon caraway

2 bay leaves

1 teaspoon hot paprika

125ml cream (or other dairy products

like cottage cheese, cream cheese or ricotta)

salt, pepper

1. Remove the cores from the pumpkin and cut it into palatable pieces. Do the same thing with the capsicum.

2. Cut the onion into small dices. For the garlic, I prefer to use a press. Heat the oil and roast the onion and garlic until it gets some colour. Deglaze them with the balsamico and half of the vegetable stock.

3. Mix the tomato paste, bay leaves and caraway into the vegetable stock. Then cook the pumpkin in it about 5min. During that, you may have to add more vegetable stock, make sure that the ground is always covered with enough liquid stock. But also try not to use too many, because you don’t want to have soup afterwards :)

4. Add the capsicum to the pot and cook it till the pumpkin is softly boiled.

5. Add the cream and season with the residual ingredients to taste.

Remember to remove the bay leaves before you serve the dish!

Bread is a traditional side for goulash, but I prefer potatoes.

As you can see I love to garnish my dishes with balsamico reduction. What is your opinion on that? Do you like the taste and look of balsamico reduction as well?