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Astonishing banana ice cream

What’s astonishing about banana ice cream? It sounds like the most common flavour, you know it since you where probably 5years old, right? Well, I stumbled across an irritating ice cream recipe on this workout site. It is irritating because it is missing all of the ingredients you might expect in a conventional ice cream like sugar, heavy cream or egg yolks. More precisely its only ingredient are frozen bananas! I couldn’t believe it, real ice cream which is actual healthy? I googled a bit and found an article about this miracle on the kitchn and was finally convinced to give this a go.

The Health Ninja tried the ice cream with a teaspoon peanut butter in it. This sounded perfect to me. My expectations where high as I followed the recipe:

1. Chop 1 overripe banana.

2. Freeze it for several hours.

3. Process it with a (powerful) food processor until it gets creamy.

Afterwards I stirred 1 teaspoon peanut butter in and it looked really good:

But when I tasted it, I was pretty disappointed with the result. Ok, the consistence was really creamy, like rich ice cream, but it didn’t really kick my taste buds.

However I thought that this is something I can work with, because with the great consistence as a basis I can always add flavour. Today I started with project banana ice cream 2.0. With just a little add-on of sweetness, the result was as flavourful and convincing as it’s relative, the calorie bomb from my favourite gelateria:

Banana-walnut ice cream

1 overripe banana

1,5 teaspoons honey (if you are vegan, try some brown sugar or sirup!)

10g minced walnuts

I chopped and froze the banana as described above. Before I processed it with the food processor, I added 1 teaspoon honey to the banana and put it in the microwave (650W) for 5 seconds. This made the processing a lot easier!

I mixed the minced walnut into the ice and sprinkled some honey over it before I served it.

I guess that everyone has a different taste for sweetness. Maybe the sweetness of the banana is enough for you. But if not, you can easily put some brown sugar, honey, sirup etc into this simple recipe!