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Jam session

Ok. You’ve got me. I am becoming an old-fashioned housewive. Bree Van de Kamp would be proud of me: I was making jam the whole day!

But in my defence: Jam is delicious. And furthermore: I scrounged a ton of organic apples from the parents of my boyfriend. They have the nicest assemblage of apple trees in their backyard!! Did I mention that I just LOVE apples!? But I am very picky: they have to be a little sour, firm pulp and most important: not mealy!

Apples are an integral part of my fruit basket the whole year. But to be honest: like most fruits apples should be consumed when the have season. Sure, buying strawberries in winter, you know what you have to expect. Buying apples in spring is similar: you get them from the end of the world (in Germany this would be New Zealand), sprayed and waxed. And similar to spray tan, they are better than nothing, look kinda good from distance but aren’t satisfying in the long run. Therefore I try to use (and preserve!) as many apples as I can the next weeks :)

I don’t know what your opinion on marchpane is, I guess you either love or hate it. I could eat it always, not only during the winter season. In my opinion apples harmonise great with marchpane, which is the reason I included the sticky sweet into my jam.

Apple-marchpane jam

1,5 kg sour apples (without the apple core and shell)

500g preserving sugar (3:1)

200g marchpane

3 tablespoons Amaretto liquor

1,5 teaspoons cinnamon

~5 tablespoons apple juice

100g flaked almonds

1. Chop the apples and cover the bottom of a pot with water, just as much that the apples don’t burn. Boil the apples until they are soft. Puree the apples until you have a mash. Add the Amaretto and cinnamon. If your mash is too thick, add as much juice as you need (I used 5 tablespoons).

2. Add the preserving sugar to the mash and boil it for at least 4min.

3. Add the flaked almonds to the jam.

4. Fill the jam (it has to be boiling hot) into very clean preserving glasses. Turn the glasses upside down for 30min to create a vacuum. With this method your jam is non-perishable longer.